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A FRIENDLY PLACE - A CALMING SPACE- TO HEALThe North Toronto Homeopathic Medicine & Wellness Clinic is a family practice of professionally trained homeopathic specialists who treat people and pets of all ages naturally, without chemicals or surgery.

We look forward to introducing you and your family to the healing power of homeopathy, a  system of holistic nano-medicine that has been safely used to treat people with a wide range of health issues for over 200 years, and is the fastest growing form of complementary medicine in the world, according to the World Health Organization.  We also provide Live Cell Nutritional Analysis with Microscopy, an exciting new service helping our patients improve their health and nutrition with proactive knowledge.


Now available at NTHM –Live Cell Nutritional Analysis using Microscopy. Learn more about this fascinating evaluation of your biological terrain –- your internal environment — and see for yourself the signs of imbalance in the blood that may be indicative of degenerative processes active in your tissues, digestive system, cardiovascular system and immune system.  Best of all –do something about it! Get coaching and advice on effective protocols for restoring your body’s inner eco-system with nutrition and life-style changes.